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Whole Lamb $8/lb. hanging weight and this proce includes processing fees.  


Hanging Weight– also known as dressed weight or carcass weight – is what you get when you remove the parts that are inedible like the hide, feet, head, some of the bones and most of the innards.


The percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the “yield” and is generally between 55% - 70% of hanging weight. This percentage varies based on a number of factors including: Bone-in vs. boneless cuts – This will dramatically affect yield; the more boneless cuts that are made, the lower the yield. The amount of fat remaining on the meat cuts – The yield will vary based on how much surface fat the cutter leaves on the cuts. A lamb that dresses at 50 lbs. will usually yield between 35- 40 lbs. of take home meat.


You will be sent a cut sheet that we will go over together before the lamb is processed.


*** There is a $100 non-refundable deposit. The deposot will be submtracted from the total cost once processing has occured.

Whole Lamb

Excluding Sales Tax
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